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Hey everyone! I did Odyssey last year, first time, and I loved it. I really wanted to do it this year however noone really was interested. x_x

Reminscent: I was in the first ever technical team for my school district and the only girl in StuntMobiles. xP [EDIT] I forgot to mention... I live in NJ. n_n

Meetings were the best... Although we had way too much food and way too much free time to goof off. But, when working, we've conversed about sooo many random topics its not even funny. Also, the random outbursts of song. Ahhh...

I loved my team members and couches. Sure, one team-mate was super-negative, but all the guys were just... so funny. Our couches: AM-AZING!

My team, particularly, got to State Finals. We received a Ranatra Fusca in Qualifying and third place in Regionals.

Teams In Your Dreams and Crazy Columns went to World Finals and placed at least, I think, in the top 40 in their division. ALSO they got me an OMER puppet. *dances* I'll get a picture soon.

Sorry, I think I'm bragging. xP

Anyway, I was just wondering: For those who competed last year, what are your fondest moments? Thanks. n_n
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