Jaque (perfect_curse) wrote in theodysseymind,

- yesterday at 7 in the morning was our first rehearsal (not even dress rehearsal). we nailed it three times at 6 minutes and 30 seconds (we have 8 minutes)
- we went to competition, everyone was blown away by everything
- we moved into the staging area, we were next & the bottom of our set's frame fell apart so all of the wood in the set fell out. the team that was supposed to go after us went before us and we had our biggest feat as a team, putting the set back together in 15 minutes, we didn't get to show the other side but it still worked. i was so proud of us. THANK THE LORD FOR IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BOXES!
- the sign wouldn't stand up, arlana got it to though
- the sarcophagus fell and smashed into the ground, the snake on its head flying into the judges. you should see my face at this time. i improv'ed and made something up that fit in afterwords and the judges thought it was intentional.
- a member forgot her lines, but i helped save her them.
- a member tripped and tackled a girl
even though so much went wrong, we still swooped the competition and got first & an OMer for the creation of our sarcophagus!
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