Nefhithiel (birddude1225) wrote in theodysseymind,

GA pins '06

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YAY! ^_^ I won this whole set yesterday when I found out that they had chosen my pin design! (The green dragon in the center). Yesterday's Regional Tournament was a good day. We came in first in Longterm and Style and we got second overall in the Ancient Egypt problem. We get to go to State. We also won a cake in the cake walk! YAY! Anyone else from GA here?
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Those pins are great -- I wish they were available in PA!
Thanks! ^_^ What sort of pins do you guys have in PA this year?
Awesome! The iPod pins are very cool.
I think so too. You can't tell from the scan, but the screen says "Long Term Spontaneous Style"
georgia always has the best pins!
Well thankyou! Yeah, I agree ours are pretty sweet. Except not really in 2003, the dragons were too cutesy and were really hard to trade. Where are you from?
Florida, we always have really ridiculously tacky/terrible pins.
Aww, come on. I really liked the peace frogs and dolphin yin/yang pins last year.