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Hi all.
Last weekend was our regional competition. My team is doing Ancient Egypt, division three. We got second place so we'll be heading to FL States next month. This year is surreal for my team because we are seniors and a lot of us can't remember a time when we weren't doing OM. For me, this is my ninth year in the program. It's funny to think what I would have said if someone had told me in fourth grade that I would be about to graduate from high school and still doing OM. At competition, our regional director read off all the seniors names and numbers of years in Odyssey. It was such an awesome full circle moment for me to stand up and wave to all the kids... I remember how exciting regional award ceremonies were when I was in division one. Anyway, good luck to everybody and I'll keep you posted on how my team and the other two Barron Collier HS teams do in Orlando!
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