Just a cuddley Blakey (neoqbacca) wrote in theodysseymind,
Just a cuddley Blakey

AZ Central Regionals

Hey all, just wanted to see how things were going. I know regional compeitions are well under way all over the world and wanted to wish everyone the best of luck :)

The Problem 1, Div 2 team for which I have head coach duties came in 1st place at AZ Central Regionals. I am so proud of them. They worked so hard and I'm so happy they did so well and feel so proud of themselves!

My other teams placed as follows:
Problem 1, Div 3, Team A- 1st place & Renatra Fusca
Problem 1, Div 3, Team B- 2nd place
Problem 2, Div 2- 1st place
Problem 2, Div 3- 1st place
Problem 3, Div 3, Team B- 1st place
Problem 3, Div 3, Team A- 2nd place
Problem 4, Div 3- 1st place.
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Congratulations to your teams!
are you on all those teams? or do you coach them or something? I'm really confused haha
I coach :)
The 7th grade team is my team, the rest of the teams are all from our school but have different head coaches :)